About Us

Energy Security Partners is a leading developer of commercial-scale natural gas-to-liquids (GTL) projects in North America. With the abundance of clean, sustainable and affordable natural gas resources in the United States and Canada, North America has enormous potential to realize significant economic and energy security benefits from converting domestic natural gas resources into liquid transportation fuels while reducing dependence on offshore petroleum imports.

Our Company

Our mission is to develop GTL infrastructure projects at strategic locations in North America. We are actively cultivating relationships with gas suppliers, technology providers, liquid fuel distributors, and financial partners who believe as we do – that America has abundant domestic energy resources that can be efficiently developed to meet existing and future energy needs while strengthening our nation’s economy and revitalizing our industrial manufacturing asset base.


ESP believes there are immediate solutions to America’s energy bottleneck and we are committed to deploying all of our resources to achieve a sustainable and secure energy future. This solution involves using proven GTL technology to convert clean natural gas into ultra-clean liquid transportation fuels. The same petroleum-based fuels and industrial chemicals that power the global economy can be produced efficiently and economically from abundant natural gas. We seek to work with the best industry partners to employ 21st-century technologies that unlock the economic potential of North America’s domestic energy resources.



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